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What sets Twillow apart from other competitors is their focus on the human side of human resources and ensuring that business practices are humane. This means the employers are leading with empathy, fair practices and high standard of ethics. The numbers in business are extremely important but there have been many studies done in recent years that have found that if your employees are happy and engaged they are more productive which keeps productivity and ultimately profits higher. Twillow’s unique blend of human focus and business acumen ensures that the services they provide are delivered with a well-rounded approach and with high quality deliverables. The boutique nature of Twillow Consulting means personalized service delivery from a human resources professional that understands the challenges of being a small to medium sized business owner.


Twillow Consulting is helping local business owners lead their employees with empathy, fair practices and a high standard of ethics. Twillow Consulting will also provide the advisory services and training to increase employee engagement, productivity and help them meet the legislative requirements of an Ontario business.


Help our customers create happy and productive workplaces in the Ottawa area through best practices, training and HR strategies; one business at a time.