Part 3: What is Human Resources Management anyway: Training and Development-a Vital Part of Human Resources.

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Training and Development-a Vital Part of Human Resources.

The third part in our series “What is Human Resources Management Anyway?” looks at the training and development aspect. So what is training and development? It is a vital part of human resources. Training and development as a purview looks at the training and coaching that our employees want or need to do their job to the best of their abilities and for their own personal development. The need for training in business has increased over the last decade. This increase is due to many factors but the main two being change and the need for personal and professional development.


Change is a big factor that has influenced our need for training. Our world is constantly changing and in order to keep up with those changing needs we must ensure our employees get the skills knowledge and abilities required.


Personal development is another big factor. Personal development has emerged as one of the main motivators for the workforce in the 21st century. People are not just motivated by the money they will make with an employer. They want to know the employer cares enough about them to offer ways to improve themselves on a professional level.


We have gone from being a population of industrial workers to a population of knowledge workers. This increases our need to gain knowledge and insight.


The 6 top reasons to have a strong training and development program in your organization are:


  1. To improve the quality of the workforce and in turn the product or service they are delivering
  2. To enhance employee growth and help them to master their work
  3. To prevent obsolescence with the fast changing technology and processes
  4. To assist new comers to the organization to acclimatize to a new employment environment and culture
  5. To bridge the gap between planning and implementation that helps organizations meet their strategic goals and objectives
  6. To educate on the health and safety measures in place

There is also mandatory training that is required by the government. If you do not have the required training in place you as a business owner or your organization can face hefty fines.

Your Certified Human Resources Professional can help to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the requirements in your area.

Some of the common methods of training are:


On-the-job Training Off-the-job Training
1 Job rotation 1 Case-study method
2 Coaching 2 Incident methods
3 Job instruction 3 Role Play
4 Committee assignments 4 In basket method
5 Internship training 5 Business games
    6 Grid training
    7 Lectures
    8 Simulation
    9 Management education
    10 Conferences

The cost of training is often what inhibits organizations from offering it to their employees. The Return on Investment (ROI) can be measured to determine in the training is valuable. This should be determined by looking at the following factors:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Customer Response Time
  • Cost Control
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Others (that may be industry specific)


By looking at the key performance indicators that are used in your organization such as sales volume, number of defect products and many others, you can determine if there has been a change for the better. These are examples of hard data indicators. It is important to look at the soft data indicators as well such as stress rate, effective communication and others.

All organizations need to look at what types of training are needed and desired by their employees to ensure that they have the right people, in the right jobs with the right skills knowledge and abilities and that they can keep them there. Offering your employees training and development opportunities shows your employees that you value you them for the huge assets that they are.


Tell us what types of training would you like to see in your organization?






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Tanys is a Certified Human Resources professional with 20 years experience in the Home Healthcare Field including 5 years of management experience. She has over 10 years experience as an adult trainer/facilitator and a proven ability to work with staff, management and other stakeholders to sustain and improve key performance indicators. Tanys works diligently with businesses to increase their productivity by putting the human in human resources.

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