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Workplace Wednesday-A video of Liz Ryan from the Human Workplace about the Whole Person Job Search

Posted Tanys Coughlan Workplace Wednesdays

 A video of Liz Ryan and the Whole Person Job Search

In this video Liz Ryan talks about confidence or “mojo” and the part that plays in the job search and interview process as well as the workplace. We all play parts at work. We all need to work on being authentic at work and “growing our flame”. She works with companies and individuals to increase the mojo in employees to facilitate a more authentic workplace. Liz Ryan talks about how doing what you love benefits you and how to sell that to the employers. She encourages people to have a human resume.

How do you grow your “mojo” at work?


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Tanys is a Certified Human Resources professional with 20 years experience in the Home Healthcare Field including 5 years of management experience. She has over 10 years experience as an adult trainer/facilitator and a proven ability to work with staff, management and other stakeholders to sustain and improve key performance indicators. Tanys works diligently with businesses to increase their productivity by putting the human in human resources.

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