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Workplace Wednesday: How Leaders Can Develop a Triple Focus

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How Leaders Can Develop a Triple Focus with Daniel Goleman:

Daniel Goleman speaks to the topic of How Leaders can focus on three things to be great leaders. The first is tuning into and managing themselves. Self-reflection is so important to identifying and changing barriers that leaders create for their teams. Secondly, they need to tune into the other people they work with and their relationships with them. Thirdly how leaders need to have an awareness of the big picture that they operate in.

“Directing attention toward where it needs to go is a primal task of leadership. Talent here lies in the ability to shift attention to the right place at the right time, sensing trends, emerging realities, and opportunities.

A leader’s field of attention—that is, the particular issues and goals she focuses on—guides the attention of those who follow her, whether or not the leader explicitly articulates it. People make their choices about where to focus based on their perception of what matters to leaders.

This ripple effect gives leaders an extra load of responsibility: They are guiding not just their own attention but, to a large extent, everyone else’s. When we say a leader has “focus” we typically are referring to one-pointedness on business results, or on a particular strategy.

But is such single-pointedness enough? What about the rest of the repertoire of attention? Leaders need strengths in three areas of focus: self (inner), people (other), and system (outer) awareness. Inner focus attunes us to our emotions and intuitions, guiding values and better decisions. Other focus smoothes our connections to the people in our lives. And outer focus lets us navigate the larger world.

But the challenge goes beyond that. The key is finding balance, and knowing when to use the right kind of focus at the right time. Combining data on attention with that on emotional intelligence and performance, this triple focus emerges as a hidden driver of excellence” (http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/why_leaders_need_a_triple_focus)

Watch this interview for his words on this powerful concept.

How Leaders Can Develop a Triple Focus-Daniel Goleman

Do you and your leaders have the triple focus?

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