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Workplace Wednesday: Part 2 of What is Human Resources Management Anyway? The Hiring Process

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Part 2: What is Human Resources Management Anyway? The Hiring Process

One of the most well known aspects of human resources management is that of the hiring process. If you have ever been employed in the workforce then you have been involved in this process as either the job candidate or the person involved with hiring an employee. There are three main parts of this process: recruitment, selection and hiring.

Recruitment is the process of searching out qualified job applicants and it begins with determining the actual job requirements or the skills knowledge and abilities the organization requires to fill a need. It consists of the collection of candidates’ work history, schooling and qualifications. This is usually done with resumes and/or online applicant tracking systems.

The selection process starts when these resumes or candidate profiles are looked at to determine who to test, interview and check references for. The purpose of this part is to find the best candidate to fill the job. This process involves checking and testing the candidates’ knowledge, skills and abilities to make sure they are a match to the job criteria. It is valuable to have a human resources professional review and have input on the process and its components to ensure they are not breaching any of the legislation of your jurisdiction.

The final part of the process is the actual hiring of the chosen candidate. This involves the letter of offer from the organization to the candidate and the actually on-boarding process. This is where it is important to ensure that both the employee and the employer have a shared understanding of the job requirements and expectations. You want the candidate to have a realistic view of the position prior to accepting the position. If they come into a job and it is vastly different from what they thought, there can be legal and financial implications, not to mention the morale implications of having an unhappy employee.

Tell us about the best or most unique hiring process you’ve been involved in and what made it different from the rest.

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Tanys is a Certified Human Resources professional with 20 years experience in the Home Healthcare Field including 5 years of management experience. She has over 10 years experience as an adult trainer/facilitator and a proven ability to work with staff, management and other stakeholders to sustain and improve key performance indicators. Tanys works diligently with businesses to increase their productivity by putting the human in human resources.

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